Why Buy Amish?

Amish furniture is well-known for its high quality, traditional designs and master craftsmanship.  Many Amish today are also making very handsome furniture with a more modern flair to cater to a wider variety of consumers.

Amish furniture is generally crafted in select hardwoods:  solid oak, cherry or maple with the highest attention to detail.  The wood is carefully inspected throughout the construction process for strength, precision and uniformity in grain.  There is a zero tolerance for imperfections, resulting in perfectly handcrafted furniture.  The Amish do not take shortcuts.  The quality of their furniture is authentic, even in parts that cannot be easily seen.  No veneers or particleboards are used in any of the Amish furniture.  It is built with quality, proven construction techniques and detail, http://www.healthandrecoveryinstitute.com/adderall-adhd/ ensuring long-lasting durability.  Each piece of furniture is individually handcrafted and made to order in an Amish wood shop, not built on an assembly line or in a factory.

For you, this means that the Amish furniture that you purchase is a labor of love, a product built not only with wood and glue, but of honesty and hard work.

We are proud that our Amish furniture is handcrafted in America- Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and Holmes County, Ohio.  When you purchase our fine Amish furniture, you’re buying an heirloom product that will last for generations.  Additionally, you’re supporting a cottage industry that is truly American- an investment that you can feel good about and take pride in.