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Indian Trail Woodworking

Indian Trail Catalog A long standing manufacturer of Amish bedroom furniture, Indian Trail Woodworking is an established icon in the Amish furniture community of Ohio.  Every piece of furniture that comes from their shop is lovingly created by real Amish craftsmen.  At every step of the process, exacting standards of precision and care are implemented to ensure that you receive the highest quality and most beauty possible from each piece.  Collections such as the Alleghany, Caledonia and Richmond really help Indian Trail stand out from their contemporaries when fabricating real hardwood furniture in the heartland of America. Come by our showroom located in Wildwood, FL, just minutes from Brownwood and see some of these incredible pieces created by real Amish woodworkers.   Products - Beds, Dressers, Chest of Drawers, Armoires, Nightstands, Vanities, Mirrors

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Honey Run

Honey Run Catalog One Honey Run Catalog Two Honey Run Catalog Three Honey Run Woodcraft is one of the finest bedroom furniture manufacturer's in the United States.  The quality and elegance of their creations is very easy to see even to the untrained eye.  The finish put on their pieces is unequaled in the modern day, processes unable to be replicated by machine or automation.  Hand crafted in America's heart of Ohio, Honey Run pieces add beauty to every home fortunate enough to house them.  Our showroom in Wildwood, FL (just minutes from Brownwood in the Villages, FL) has some of these very beds and pieces on display.  Come see for yourself what a difference hand built quality really makes.   Products - Beds, Dressers, Chest of Drawers, Lingerie Chests, Nightstands, Vanities, Mirrors

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Y&T Woodworking

Y&T Woodworking Catalog One Y&T Woodworking Catalog Two Y&T Woodcraft is nearing it's 20th anniversary constructing quality, stylish and affordable furniture for your office or living room.  Dedicated to their Amish heritage and desire to abide by their deeply held beliefs, Y&T Woodworking operates without many of today's modern conveniences.  Their equipment is belt driven and powered by a 200 horsepower diesel engine.  Bookkeeping and order completion is performed exclusively by hand and the only reason we have a catalog to show you, online, is due to the perseverance of their marketing consultants which allows us to display their furniture conveniently for you to browse here on the Internet. Please stop by our Wildwood, FL location (just minutes from Brownwood in the Villages) and see for yourself how old time tradition meets with modern style to bring elegance and beauty together.

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