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Carlisle Oak

Carlise Oak Catalog Carlisle Oak has been in the woodworking business for many years.  While they don't build big, impressive bedroom sets or imposing china cabinets, they do make some of the finest small wood pieces we have ever seen.  End tables, plant stands, plate shelfs, coat hooks, nesting tables and many other smaller, utilitarian items are available through this builder and the quality and value is plainly apparent in each piece. We here at the Amish Furniture Store of Wildwood, Florida are very proud to bring you these beautiful pieces of fine woodworking.  Come by our showroom near Brownwood, in the Villages, and have a look at some of the remarkable pieces of fine furniture these Amish craftsmen have spent decades perfecting.

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Kohler If there is a builder that exemplifies the qualities and values held by Amish furniture builders, it would be Kohler.  The quality is visible from the first glance and they do all their own finishing in house.  The pieces that come from Kohler are, in a word, spectacular.  The elegance in design, the precision in manufacturing and the attention to detail with the finishing makes any piece from their factory an absolute joy to own. Drop by our showroom outside of Brownwood, in Wildwood, Florida.  Just fifteen minutes from anywhere in the Villages, we would be honored to share our love of Kohler (and all Amish built furniture) with you.

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Levi’s Polywood Outdoor Furniture

Levi's Catalog - Many years ago, Levi started making wooden outdoor furniture for patios, verandas and lanais.  He was very successful and even opened a second factory making wooden patio furniture.  When polywood was first showcased, the potential for building furniture from this revolutionary material was quite obvious to Levi so he opened a third factory and now his son Marty runs that factory, building polywood recycled plastic boards into functional works of art.  Levis outdoor polywood furniture comes in a large variety of styles and colors to choose from.  Have Marty build the perfect patio set for your lanai or patio!

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